Suresh helped me get my first mortgage 5 years ago for my first home. When renewals came up, I was not satisfied by the rates being offered. I contacted Suresh regarding this matter and he was up for the challenge. His professionalism and effort was created present as I was able to get a better rate within 5 business days. I am happy to say Suresh has helped beat my initial mortgage rate as well as any other competitive rates by any other lender. I will make sure to contact Suresh when my next renewal is up to make the process go as smooth as possible. Thank you again!

The most amazing experience and extreme professionalism

To provide some context – I approached Suresh with barely under 2weeks (9 Business Days) left to close on my property, I had been working with a different mortgage company/broker who was unprofessional, unresponsive, and was actively recommending 3rd party lenders as the only viable option.

With barely under 2weeks (9 Business Days) left to close on my property, I approach Suresh in a panic and severe anxiety. He Immediately attended to the situation with extreme professionalism and composure, providing a sense of assurance. A detailed assessment was conducted within 45mins paying attention to every single detail which showcased a wealth of experience at a high level.

Throughout the course of my experience, we remained tied at the hip! Contracts were properly explained, and questions accurately answered. Communication and responsiveness were just simply outstanding to say the least, Including evenings and weekends! I received the Bank commitment (Not 3rd party lender) within 3Days from initial engagement with Suresh which was truly a Miracle.

I couldn’t have asked for a better and perhaps God sent mortgage broker who provide a well-rounded support and job execution at the highest level.

I truly appreciate your Suresh

Thank you!

I would highly recommend Suresh for your mortgage needs. He embodies the value of always being there for the client. Buying a home is the biggest purchase of our lives and having someone to explain every detail, be readily available, and provide the best mortgage advice is the reason why I would contact Suresh again for any of my future mortgage needs.

My husband and I recently worked with Suresh for our first home mortgage. Suresh is exceptional in what he does. He explained the process thoroughly and ensured we had a smooth closing. He was also very helpful in answering all our concerns/questions and strived to get us the best rate possible. I would recommend him and his company for any mortgage needs.

If you’re in the market for a mortgage, look no further than Suresh Ravindran at Wolfpack Mortgage Solution. From start to finish, Suresh provided top-notch service and helped guide me through the entire process.

One thing that really stood out to me was Suresh’s knowledge and expertise. He took the time to explain everything in detail, making sure I understood all of my options and the potential implications of each. This level of transparency and honesty was greatly appreciated and made me feel confident in my decisions.

Not only was Suresh knowledgeable, but he was also incredibly responsive and communicative throughout the entire process. Anytime I had a question or concern, he was readily available and quick to respond. It was clear that he truly cared about ensuring I had the best possible experience.

Overall, I cannot recommend Suresh Ravindran and Wolfpack Mortgage Solution highly enough. If you’re in need of a mortgage, look no further than Suresh. His knowledge, expertise, and dedication to his clients make him stand out from the rest. Thank you, Suresh, for making the home buying process a breeze!

I want to personally thank Suresh for all his help on my deal. I went to multiple mortgage professionals and they all left me in the dark and avoided my calls however he was able to get it done. He was always on point with updating me. He even followed up with my lawyer and ensured they had everything they needed. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for any home financing options.

Thank you Suresh for helping us through the process of purchasing our retirement home in Costa Rica. Professional, reassuring, attentive, and always keeping us in the loop throughout are just a few of the great attributes that you poses. You walked us through every step of the process and always had our best interests in mind. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Suresh Ravindran was incredible to deal with and is very highly recommended.

My legal team referred me to a mortgage agent who I initially decided to use as there was an existing relationship amongst them which I figured would make the process easier. However, the best I was offered was a mortgage at a high interest rate, at a much lower amount than I was looking for, and with a B lender which also included significant fees.

I reached out to Suresh who was able to get me a commitment within a matter of hours at the amount I was looking for with an A lender, a significantly lower interest rate, and no additional fees. What was significantly different with this experience is that Suresh only requested documentation from me once. There was no constant back and forth and he was able to deliver based on the timelines he promised.

Not only did Suresh assist significantly with obtaining the financing I was looking for but also went above and beyond when hiccups arose within the legal process and helped iron those out while maintaining my pending deal with the lender.

Having purchased various homes over the years and going through this process several times, I can say that this hands down was the best experience I’ve had in obtaining financing. Suresh is extremely knowledgeable, takes care of his clients, and always delivers regardless of the obstacles that may arise.

Thank you Suresh!

Suresh dealt our case beautifully. This gentleman was very detailed and walked us through the entire mortgage process and stepped in and helped find solution wherever required. His customer service is fantastic and my husband and I would definitely go back to him when needed. Highly recommend his services.

Suresh has been extremely kind and very professional with his mortgage advice and consultation. My wife and I were very pleased to get out dream home mortgage through him. Any hiccups and challenges in the process, he was able to smoothly resolve them and assured us. Loved his service and definitely recommend his services.